I somehow misplaced about 8 rolls of film that were shot with the Canon P, so I actually never saw a roll of film with this camera while I still owned it. Actually, I saw a roll of color film with this camera; but, I feel like color film with vintage cameras/lenses can be a bit misleading. In my opinion, vintage cameras/lenses are meant to be shot in black & white in order to fully enjoy what they are capable of.

Upon seeing this roll, I absolutely regret selling the Canon P. However, not all is lost. When I had the Canon P, I shot a majority of the film with a the Canon 35mm F2 and lucky for me, with a very simple adapter, I am able to use this lens with my Leica's. So, realistically, I don't necessarily need to get another copy of the Canon P in order use this lens, but I'm a sucker for using native lenses with their camera -- in this case, I'll hold off on getting another Canon P, but it's very tempting!

Okay, enough about my mistakes. I think just by looking at these images, you can tell that this camera is really good. For me, purchasing the Canon P was an exercise in showcasing how far I've come as a photographer. The Canon P is an extremely simple camera, there are literally zero thrills or frills to this camera. This camera is minimalism encapsulated in a camera, much like the Leica M camera series. In fact, I bought this camera to test the waters and see if I would even like shooting with a rangefinder, not to mention, a camera that does not have a light meter. The entry price for a Canon P is around $200, up to $400 with a lens. I was able to find a copy from Japan that came with a lens for $300, and I jumped on the deal. The entry point for a Leica M3 is around $1500, just for the camera alone. Honestly, it was an easy decision to purchase the Canon P, at 1/5 the price of a Leica M3, it really wasn't even a question.

I shot with this camera for about a year before deciding to sell it and buy a Leica M2, but that's a whole other story! Honestly, looking at this roll of film, I am a bit sad that I sold the Canon P, but such is life and such is life of the photographer: selling gear to upgrade & sometimes even downgrade, it's a sickness & I wouldn't wish this life on anyone... just kidding! Or am I?

Any-who, enjoy the photos! If interested in purchasing any of the photos, follow this link: