New camera, and a day in downtown San Antonio

This year I picked up a Leica R3. If you know anything about cameras, then you know that Leica is the golden goose of all cameras. I walked into the local camera store, initially there to purchase a lens that I had my eye on and I as I went to look at the lens, there it was, sitting next to the lens I was going purchase -- a Leica, and with a pretty affordable price tag. Instantly my Gear Acquisition Syndrome kicked in and I bought the camera instantly!

My heart was full of joy, love, a way I hadn't felt since I bought my Nikon F3 just a few years ago. But this feeling was different. I now had a Leica, I now belonged to the all exclusive club that every photographer yearns to join. I now had that Red dot on my camera, showing every photographer in every coffee shop, that I now belong, I have arrived.

Okay, in all seriousness -- the camera is great. It has an extremely basic layout, which I prefer. All I really need is ISO, Shutter Speed, & to control the Aperture. With film photography, the simpler the better, which actually Leica's are known for the simple layouts & control and this one sure does not disappoint. The camera came with a 50mm F/2 lens & while at the camera store, I picked up the 90mm f/2. According to most reviews online, the 90mm f2 is one of the more sharper lenses in the Leica R catalogue. I truthfully haven't used the 90mm f/2 that much yet, however I've been quite pleased with the 50mm F/2 so far.

When shooting the 50mm lens, I've found that at F/5.6-F16, the sharpness is incredible and really gives that desired 3-D pop to the image. And while that's something one would expect, I do find that the photos that are stopped down stand out more on this lens than they do on any of the other lenses I've used, such as the Canon & Nikon 50mm.

Do I recommend this camera? Yes & no. If you want to get into the Leica Brand at an affordable price, then this is a good starting place, which is why I pulled the trigger and took this step. If you're new to film photography, then I recommend starting with a Nikon or Canon. One big con, is the price of the lenses, which, when you shop Leica, that's always going to be one of the biggest cons -- price. I'm happy with the setup I have, but I don't plan on purchasing any other lenses for this lineup.