I didn't reinvent the wheel with this roll...

But, I was plenty happy to check off shooting this film stock from of my bucket list. Since I started shooting film about 5 years ago, I've had plenty of opportunities to shoot many of the available films stocks, mostly black & white film. As far as color film stocks go, I mainly shot the Kodak lineup: Portra 400, Ultramax, & Gold 200. As far as Fujifilm goes, I have only shot the film stock Fuji Superia, until last week. I have to say, I was mighty impressed!

For most of my walk, I generally zone focussed and mostly just shot landscapes, buildings, that sort of thing, as you can tell below, that's not really my forte. I much prefer a portrait, and I think the results speak to that. My favorite photo is of the shopkeeper in her store. That lady is actually an artist who paints all day long in front of the window so that people can see her while she paints. What's funny to me about that photo is that I shot that photo with the lens wide open and at 1/30th of a second, which if you're familiar with photography means that you would suspect the photo to be a bit soft; however, I actually feel like that photo was one of my sharper & cleaner photos from this photowalk.

My other favorite photo from this set is the lady with the video camera wearing the CNN baseball cap. I saw her setting up a shot and I figured she was with the news and I tried to get her attention to see what she was reporting on; unfortunately all I got was a wave, but she smiled so I'll take that as a small victory. I really like how saturated that photo came out due to all of the colors, especially the blue hat. (Update) Since originally writing this blog, I posted this photo to Instagram & Facebook, and I actually found out that CNN was at this park running a story on the homeless folks here in San Antonio, the more you know!

My third favorite photo is the very first photo that you'll see right under this blurb of my friend John. He hooked me up with this film stock & I had to get a portrait before the day was over. Since we were shooting film, you really have to see the photo in your head before you actually take the photo, and this was one of those photos that I hit the jackpot on! Again, nothing crazy, but a solid portrait of a friend, and there's nothing I like more than shooting photos of friends, also had to get that bokeh in the photo!

All photos in this blog were shot with my trusty Leica M2, a Zeiss 50mm Sonnar F1.5, Zeiss 35mm Biogon F2.8, and of course on Fujifilm Pro 400H. I had the film developed locally at Digital Pro Lab & scanned in all of the negatives as positives with my Plustek 8200i & converted those positives back into negatives using Negative Lab Pro. I plan on writing a blog, & eventually making a video about my entire film process in the coming months, if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help, so please feel free to reach out!