Years in the making

After years of being a photographer, I'm excited to announce that I am finally having a solo show. Admittedly this is all happening oh so fast; however, I feel very ready for the moment. For this show I am showing a mixture of work, all portrait based. There will also be a mixture of studio & street portraiture in this show. I carefully chose the best of my photos from the past handful of years & chose these particular images because they also show where I want my photography to go. You'll have to come to the show and find out where my work is going!

Light refreshments & snacks will be available as well.

April 4th will be the soft opening, and will include a music performance from Terrie and myself.

April 5th is the grand opening! It also First Friday, so keep that in mind when looking for parking.

April 18th is 3rd Thursday and will be the last evening you'll be able to catch the show. There will also be a poetry reading that evening.

The show is also to be viewed by appointment. I hope to see you there, thank you!