Headshot 1

Headshot 2

I love taking headshots!

There is nothing better than taking headshots, I love making people look beautiful. There are so many facets to my photography, but I have to say, there's nothing like shooting headshots. Something I love about taking them is the complete control over the environment. When shooting other genres of photography such as weddings, outdoor portraits, street photography or any other type of photography, you are at the mercy of your environment, which then dictates your every decision from there. In those situations, you're often compensating for a dark room, a bright room, or anything else that may come your way and in those moments you are constantly having to make split second decisions to create the best photograph for your client.

When shooting a headshot, you have complete control over the entire environment and from there you can add as much light, reflectors or whatever you desire the make the photograph perfect. I've decided that this year I want to simplify my photography kit. Going forward, I only want to use one light, and a reflector for all headshots. Although there are countless formations for taking a headshot, I am discovering that, as I start to simplify so many aspects in my life that the results have been remarkable. So I figured, that if in my personal life things have taken a turn for the better, why not translate this ideology to my photography, and, let me tell you, simplifying has truly taken my photography to the next step. No need for extraneous gadgets, lenses & complications.

Prior to the photoshoot at Ameriprise Financial, I picked up a tiny reflector, about 20 inches, and wanted to test it out before the shoot. Prior to having this reflector, my only other reflector was about 40 inches, and while great in a studio setting, it's almost too large, I really feel like it is so cumbersome that at times it can get in the way. So, I called up my lady and her sit in for some photos as we tested out the smaller and more mobile reflector. I could not have been more pleased with the results, I have to say, that the lighter & more mobile kit will be my staple for 2022.